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SPECIFICATIONS: Maximum Working Load: 310 lbs. Minimum Working Load: 10 lbs. Gear Ratio: 5:1 Lifeline Type: Stainless Steel Aircraft Wire Rope 3/16" Dia. Wire Rope Tensile Strength: 3,700 lbs. Full Capacity of the Drum: 120 ft. Average Mechanical Advantage: 22 Lifting Speed: Approximately 20 ft per minute GENERAL INFORMATION Double braking system. Double pawl primary brake for maximum safety. Primary brake holds load in place when crank handle is released. Secondary brake activates only when drum is free wheeling. Buit-in, shock-absorbing mechanism for secondary brake. Cable Guide for correct placement on drum. Buil-in shock type counterweight..
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Model: T4S-GM120P is designed to comply with the requirements of ANSI Z1.1992 and A10.14-1991 for cofined space entry and retrieval of personnel. The product has been tested in accordance with OSHA and ANSI requirements and meets all standards. Made in USA.
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